Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Finger Puzzled?

Because apparently Finger Trap is slang for something, ahem, slightly unsavory. Because I love the way those little colorful woven cylinders look. Because there's nary a beat between the urge to stick your fingers in and the actual sticking in of the fingers. Because "puzzle" sounds better than jail, prison or cuffs, although those terms might have some special appeal for a special population. Because a Finger Puzzle is a metaphor for solving a problem by not trying too hard to solve the problem and, god knows, I need to try "softer," as Lily Tomlin once said. Softer, not harder. Softer, not harder.


  1. you've come out! and are looking marvelous, i'll the new layout, and the perky prose. keep it up! uhhh, know.
    lemmeno if you want a sporty new gravatar like the viewer!

  2. Please allow me to read into it much more than is necessary - ah yes. Lily Tomlin the great American sage who evoked such great wisdom at the switchboard. Yes, I love the idea of - just calm down and don't pull so hard deary and it will easily come off your fingers. Don't overreact. Stop. Think. Don't try so hard or . . . try softer. My son just came in here and said the actors on this commercial were trying to hard. The director needed to tell them to try softer.

    Now . . . have I tried too hard to explain what you already explained . . . ? Rats! I couldn't resist either. I put my fingers in too . . . :0)