Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot (Not) Water

You worked the phone and keyboard most of the day. You picked lettuce and dead headed those dumb yellow flowers that keep dying off like salmon. You made sloppy joe’s for dinner, which is actually your favorite weeknight dish though you blame it on the boys. You did the dishes and sponged off the countertops.

You poured a glass of wine, grabbed a New Yorker and cranked open the tub faucets for a nice hot soak. While the water ran you threw socks in the hamper, picked out a cute dress for tomorrow and entered the other bathroom to select a fresh fluffy towel and…aaaaaeegggh…found it all steamed up from one of your teenager’s vacation-long showers.

This meant your bath was as cold as pond water. But without the mud and frogs and refreshing aquatic scent. Bummer.


  1. That frog in the picture looks a little understandably upset. It's nice to know I'm not the only one getting aced by my teenager. Some nights I settle for unbathed but well-sung/strummed/blogged. Nice writing...

  2. Oh noooo! The disappointment is palpable.