Saturday, March 23, 2013

When I Take You Out in the Surrey

My favorite driving-around-alone-in-my-car music was once best suited to a teenage boy’s tastes.  ZZ Top.  Beastie Boys.  Nirvana.  Eminem.  To name a few of my darlings.

Then, there was a shift.  First, oldies radio.  Then KOIT (Lite Rock, Less Talk).  Then KDFC or any satellite classical station.  NPR, naturally.

On super stressful days I guiltily tuned in to Spa on SIRIUS.  Driving across San Francisco at rush hour became a very different experience while listening to rain chimes and flute instead of Angus Young.

Now I’m enamored of SIRUS’s On Broadway channel.  I’m smiling when somebody cuts me off as I’m listening to Oh, What A Beautiful Morning (Oklahoma)Or I get all weepy over Johanna (Sweeney Todd) at the 10-minute-long red light at Junipero Serra/Portola/Sloat.  Or I decide it’s time to pull over for a soy decaf latte after hearing Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (My Fair Lady).

Yet at the opening strains of any drivel from Les Miserables or The Sound of Music, I jump right back to Deep Purple, Muse, Radiohead, Parliament, The Cars, The Ramones, The White Stripes, Frank Zappa. Watch out! 

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  1. You really should consider sprinkling in some Goldberg Variations, on occasion. Especially, either of Glenn Gould's recordings on this. But, I'm sorry. I still enjoy Sound of Music's "Something Good". Forget the words. It's just a nice song.